What are the styles of pillows? What kind of pillows are good

Pillows are the tools of sleep that we must use in our daily lives, and the quality of sleep is inextricably linked to it. With the progress of society and the development of human civilization, pillows are constantly evolving. So, what are the pillow styles today? What kind of pillows are easy to use? Let’s get to know them.

  1. What are the pillow styles?

a, rectangle

The rectangular pillow is flat, slightly higher in the middle and slowly slopes around to form a flat surface. Generally, the material filled inside is soft, has a certain molding ability, and can automatically form different heights of effective support with the head pressure.


b, wave shape

The wave shape is also a pillow style that has been developed with the use of new materials such as memory cotton and latex in recent years. Because it is a monolithic material, it can be cut or molded at will. Its main features are high front and low back. The end forms a B-shaped side that is very ergonomic.


c, butterfly

The butterfly pillow is also high in front and low, and the wavy pillow is only slightly different in shape. The shape of the butterfly pillow is like a butterfly. Its function is to support and fix the cervical vertebra when sleeping. The two sides are higher for the posture when sleeping sideways, and the height difference between the front and the back can pull the cervical vertebra.


2, what kind of pillow is good

Latex Pillow: It is said that this pillow has the effect of massaging and promoting blood circulation, and it is very good for children whose bones are developing. It can change the head shape without causing respiratory allergies. In addition to the price is a little expensive, latex’s elasticity, support is good, and it is not easy to deform.


Memory pillow: It is made of high-density, shock-absorbing and breathable memory technology cotton. It can fully sense the weight and temperature of the human body, and the parts of the body are fully supported, so that people can enjoy the comfort without pressure. Whether you are sleeping on your back or sleeping on the side, you can maintain the most natural head posture, and avoid the problem of stiff neck and shoulder muscles.


Cassia Health Pillow: A pillow made of cassia and a bag. The cassia is slightly cold, and it can smell the aroma of the grass with a pillow, and it has a massage effect on the acupuncture points on the head and neck.


The above is a good introduction to the pillow style and what kind of pillow to use, I hope you can buy a satisfactory pillow. After all, a hard pillow can be uncomfortable; while being too soft, it is difficult to maintain height, which is not conducive to blood circulation. According to expert advice: the height of the pillow suitable for adults is 15-20 cm when lying on the back, and 15-20 cm when lying on the side.

Summer professional custom home utility pillow

Fresh style, simple life, practical and beautiful, family must-have items, don’t miss it, take a look at these styles of pillows.


Subtle striations give a modern twist to this classic velvet pillow, which comes in a variety of colors for easy mixing and matching. For a different look, flip the pillow around to display the solid Flannel fabric on the back.


It has good shape and dimensional stability, is more convenient and natural to use, soft and smooth to the touch, good breathability and breathable and dry.

飘窗软装风格搭配 图片源自pinterest@One Kindesign

Put a few cute soft pillows, you can rest on the weekend leisurely, read a novel or hold a cup of hot tea, while enjoying the scenery while enjoying the sun, stage the urban version of “a longing for life.”

飘窗软装技巧 图片源自roomfortuesday.com

No one can reject this temptation, fresh and natural home scenery, giving a sense of comfort.

Seasonal replacement bedding is also updated

As time goes into late July, the weather is hot for a day, not only during the day but also during the night, and for those who are afraid of heat, it is really uncomfortable. On a sultry night, how can I not have a pillow that can sleep?

A simple, solid color brings a refreshing visual experience. The cotton material is soft and warm, giving a comfortable night’s sleep.

In the coming autumn, the four-piece suit is mostly cotton, and the satin is also popular among some people. The satin four-piece fabric has a silky silky feel, and the touch is smooth and delicate. The jacquard is decorated with a European style and a light and luxurious atmosphere.

The fabric is still pure cotton, the pattern is very love, the light snow falls in the pink atmosphere, the cartoon pattern is also added to bring the sweet atmosphere at the right time, other patterns have cartoons, polka dots, florals, stripes, and various kinds of select.

The four-piece set of the rice-flag print, the colors are red and blue, and the contrast of red and blue is strong, bringing a strong British style. Transforming the position and size of the rice characters, but also formed a dozen styles, prefer this style of sister paper, you can carefully select some.

In this era of simplification, the modern minimalist style is also becoming more and more popular. The fabric is chosen a little better, giving the best comfort. Then, without modification, it is soft and full, with spirituality. Color, to interpret the minimalist style, life should be so simple, isn’t it?

In any season, printed bedding is very popular. The bright prints evoke the inner beauty of the people, sleeping on them, as if they are in the sea of flowers in the four seasons, all the exhaustion and troubles will disappear. Those things that make you charming and bitter will also disappear as you wake up.

For clothes, style and design are important, and the main expression of bedding is on the print, the fabric reflects the quality, and the print attracts the vision. The quality of the cotton material is excellent, the print is a fresh and romantic route, and it is decorated with turquoise in the pink atmosphere, which is naturally fresh and eye-catching.