Summer professional custom home utility pillow

Fresh style, simple life, practical and beautiful, family must-have items, don’t miss it, take a look at these styles of pillows.


Subtle striations give a modern twist to this classic velvet pillow, which comes in a variety of colors for easy mixing and matching. For a different look, flip the pillow around to display the solid Flannel fabric on the back.


It has good shape and dimensional stability, is more convenient and natural to use, soft and smooth to the touch, good breathability and breathable and dry.

飘窗软装风格搭配 图片源自pinterest@One Kindesign

Put a few cute soft pillows, you can rest on the weekend leisurely, read a novel or hold a cup of hot tea, while enjoying the scenery while enjoying the sun, stage the urban version of “a longing for life.”

飘窗软装技巧 图片源自

No one can reject this temptation, fresh and natural home scenery, giving a sense of comfort.

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