Seasonal replacement bedding is also updated

As time goes into late July, the weather is hot for a day, not only during the day but also during the night, and for those who are afraid of heat, it is really uncomfortable. On a sultry night, how can I not have a pillow that can sleep?

A simple, solid color brings a refreshing visual experience. The cotton material is soft and warm, giving a comfortable night’s sleep.

In the coming autumn, the four-piece suit is mostly cotton, and the satin is also popular among some people. The satin four-piece fabric has a silky silky feel, and the touch is smooth and delicate. The jacquard is decorated with a European style and a light and luxurious atmosphere.

The fabric is still pure cotton, the pattern is very love, the light snow falls in the pink atmosphere, the cartoon pattern is also added to bring the sweet atmosphere at the right time, other patterns have cartoons, polka dots, florals, stripes, and various kinds of select.

The four-piece set of the rice-flag print, the colors are red and blue, and the contrast of red and blue is strong, bringing a strong British style. Transforming the position and size of the rice characters, but also formed a dozen styles, prefer this style of sister paper, you can carefully select some.

In this era of simplification, the modern minimalist style is also becoming more and more popular. The fabric is chosen a little better, giving the best comfort. Then, without modification, it is soft and full, with spirituality. Color, to interpret the minimalist style, life should be so simple, isn’t it?

In any season, printed bedding is very popular. The bright prints evoke the inner beauty of the people, sleeping on them, as if they are in the sea of flowers in the four seasons, all the exhaustion and troubles will disappear. Those things that make you charming and bitter will also disappear as you wake up.

For clothes, style and design are important, and the main expression of bedding is on the print, the fabric reflects the quality, and the print attracts the vision. The quality of the cotton material is excellent, the print is a fresh and romantic route, and it is decorated with turquoise in the pink atmosphere, which is naturally fresh and eye-catching.

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